Necol Millsip is a God send to so many people in this lifetime.  Necol, it was an honor to attend your 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Event for your Soldiers of Love Foundation.  You show love and provide hope to so many women.  You are a lifeline.  I admire your strength, courage, kindness and supportive heart.  Every time I hug you I feel like I’m going to squeeze you too tight!! :-)  I’m just so thankful that God put us in each other’s paths.  You treat me like family and I appreciate you so much. I love you! 

By : Lashawn Elise 

You are an amazing human being who had helped so many people through this journey called life. Never stop and never allow your light to dim because of others. Always remember it is the small remnant. The Hebrew Bible is very clear about that. Stay the course with your work. Keep your Third Eye up and I never worry about your efforts because you have the gift of discernment. Those who don't come on board always know it is okay. God defines friends and family different than what we do. Lastly, God gives you what you need when you need it.
By : Chad Dion Lassiter 

Three generations 😍😍😍 my mommy me and my daughter at the 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Empowerment event at the African-American Museum on October 14th 2016. Where I was able to tell my story of how I survived Domestic Abuse. Thank you Chad Dion & Necol Millsip  Jon-William L Pattersonson for your help and support. God Bless you!!!  By: Janet Santiago 

Had a ball this Sunday at the Feed the Homeless fundraiser black-tie affair. I finally met Necol Millsip, she is as meek and sweet as I thought she would be.
By: Tonya Ma Da

Attended 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Empowerment Event last night. Met some very powerful strong courageous woman,  thank you all for sharing your stories it is so very important to bring awareness to this epidemic. Special thanks to Necol Millsip and Chad Dion Lassiter.  Let's keep this going. Come and support this cause. See you for the next Annual event in 2017.
By: Stacey Dixon 

I want to say thank you to an amazing strong beautiful woman who has made such an impact in my life. For her courage to stand tall helping and making a difference in all our lives. Great job honey. Thank you for inviting me to the Domestic Violence Awareness event last night and to be able to tell my story. It felt amazing and liberating. Necol Millsip I love you 😍😍😍 God Bless you and continue to open doors that no man can shut!!!
By :Janet Santiago