Domestic Violence advocate, life counselor, & soldier, Necol Millsip, of Soldier of Love Foundation Inc., knows what it means to be a victim of domestic violence. She endured frequent beatings and abuse, starting as a teenager and as she grew into an adult, continuing through marriage. Even through the pain and suffering she endured, she put aside her pain to help others who were also suffering.


Necol Millsip was married at the age of 18 and has 6 children. President and CEO Necol Millsip, of Soldier of Love Foundation Inc., attended Bok Vocational Tech High School. She also went to McCarrie School of Health Science & Technology, graduating a certified medical assistant. Additionally, she attended the Progressive School of Nursing. And later, Necol Millsip completed a Certified Business Course at Temple University, called the Joint Job Initiative Program. Lastly, she completed a training program for the Capstone Institute for Christian Nonprofit Excellence. In 2005, Necol Millsip started her own commercial cleaning business, named Fresh Start Cleaning Services.


Being a mother of 6 children, she wanted the flexibility to be a mom that could be present for most of her children’s needs. As she grew her business, she wanted to help & train former incarcerated males and females to become reformed back into society. She partnered with the Philadelphia Training Program to help accomplish this. After offering this training through Fresh Start Cleaning Services, she encountered women who experienced physical and mental abuse. Through several conversations with these women, Necol Millsip felt inspired to seek counseling herself, still a victim of domestic violence. She grew in courage to uproot her 6 children into a shelter for abused women while still operating and growing her commercial cleaning company. From there, she grew inspired to develop programs to help other women who are domestically abused. In 2012, Necol Millsip started working as an event coordinator for A-list celebrities for an entertainment company. She felt the need to be around something uplifting and entertaining. She even took acting classes and appeared as an extra in a few movies. From these experiences, she was inspired to create her own entertainment company, Tambone Entertainment LLC to bring laughter & music to others experiencing pain and suffering.


However, the greatest power and strength came from Necol Millsip’s prayer, supplication, her faith in God through her Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, and fellowship with her church Mt. Moriah Temple Baptist Church. Soldier of Love Foundation Inc., is the inspiration that was birthed through the pain of domestic violence and the victories of being a soldier through it all, overcoming everything through embracing life, loving others, and her faith in God.


Along with her advocacy experience, Necol works as a Community Consultant with the Black Men at Penn School of Social Work, Inc. working with youth with a history of anger and aggression where she has Co-led a psycho-educational group therapy curriculum called (CPR-Cultural Pride Reinforcement) which focused on how boys understand their anger triggers and how to emotionally “self-prepare” themselves when confronted with interpersonal conflicts.


 Necol’s is dedicated to promoting positive community transformation, formerly a full time employee at Philadelphila Anti-Violence/Anti-Drug Network (PAAN) one of Philadelphia’s leading non-profit agencies dedicated to addressing drug abuse and violence among our youth and their families. The agency works to transform their lives through drug intervention, counseling, education, job readiness, community service, academic achievement and various empowerment programs. 


Necol Millsip
Soldier of Love Foundation Inc.

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